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Business Travel

We understand that travel should be viewed as a cost item, and with that in mind we can help you eliminate unnecessary costs by flagging and eliminating unnecessary trips.

Give your travelers one-on-one experienced personal travel consultants that can assist them on their travel requests.

Hotel & Ryokan

We also take care of your accommodations anywhere in the world! Please contact us for detail.

Rental Car

Looking for the cheapest way to see the States and are exploring the option to rent a car? You’ve come to the right place. Sankei Travel is home to cheap car rentals and deals. With our selection of discount car rentals, you can cruise from sea to shining sea without breaking the bank.

Cellular Phone Rental for Japan

Receive your phone prior to your departute date  delivered to your home/office!<
>> Click here to apply

  • All receiving calls and texts within Japan are FREE!!
  • Return the cell after you come back to the US.
  • Mobile Broadband Rental also available.
  • SIM card for iPhone, iPad rental available.

Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling across the country or around the world, guard against the unexpected and enjoy worry-free travel with a Travelex insurance plan. Click below to access all the information you need to select the plan that’s right for you.